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A Unique Way To Deal With Cheaters

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 by angelee. Filed under: Playfin News.

Unfortunately, cheaters and multiplayer gaming go hand-in-hand.
Rockstar Games is taking a stand and has come up with an interesting way to deal with the problem—isolate the troublemakers and force them to play against each other.
Rockstar Games is testing this theory in its latest game, Max Payne 3.
Rockstar Games has created an area called the “Cheaters [...]

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E3 2012: Nintendo Wii U Makes Debut

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 by angelee. Filed under: Playfin News.

Nintendo’s next generation console, the Wii U, made its grand entrance into the world.
At E3 2012, the annual electronics and gaming convention in Los Angeles, Nintendo unveiled the hotly anticipated console, as well as 23 game titles to be produced.
Nintendo did a short demonstration of the actual Wii U controller at E3. However, they also [...]

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E3 2012: 5 Hot New Games

Friday, June 1st, 2012 by angelee. Filed under: Playfin News.

E3, the annual electronics & gaming convention, is set to take Los Angeles by storm next week.
Sift through the nerd talk and rumors and one thing is clear—this year’s E3 is all about the games. Aside from the Wii U console preview, that is.
So what do game companies have up their sleeve? Check out these [...]

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Facebook Games Worth Friending

Thursday, May 10th, 2012 by angelee. Filed under: Game News.

When you think of Facebook gaming, what comes to mind? Probably Bejeweled or Farm Wars, right?
Surprisingly, the Facebook gaming world has a lot more to offer than gem matching or bales of hay.
Most hardcore gamers cringe at the thought of playing games on Facebook. Sure, the graphics aren’t great and there’s not much to the [...]

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Notch’s New Game: 0×10c

Friday, April 20th, 2012 by admin. Filed under: Game News.

Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson recently shared details on his newest project, the strangely-named “0×10c”, via the game’s official site. Not much is known about how the game will play, but we do know some interesting details about the game’s setting.

In the year 1988, a “deep sleep cell” (cryogenic storage) is invented, compatible with [...]

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