Save the World of Fiction

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 by admin. Filed under: Game Review.

enlightensmJourney to the world of Enlightenus, where books and stories come true! Famed writer Edgar Lee has written the stories that have inspired millions, but it turns out that the worlds he created really exist. On a trip to his story world Edgar lost the pages of his stories. It’s your job to help him recover his life’s work and put the world of Enlightenus back together.

Enlightenus is different from other hidden object games you might have played before. Instead of trying to find the objects, you are replacing objects that have fallen out of the scenes of the story. As you repair each world, more and more stories will come clear to you and your journey will become more exciting and enthralling.

Enlightenus is a challenging, fun play with amazing graphics and a great story. You’ll enjoy every minute as you explore the settings of Edgar’s novels and placing objects in the proper place.

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