Sony Releases Super Slim PS3

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012 by angelee. Filed under: Game News.

ps3-slim-comparisonAt a recent press conference before the Tokyo Game Show, Sony announced the release of a brand new Playstation console.

Don’t get too excited just yet though, as the new Sony console is in fact a slimmer and sleeker model of their now six-year-old PS3.

Sony claims that the new model, which is dubbed the ‘Super Slim’, weighs 25% less than the original PS3 and is 20% smaller, which would certainly make it look less chunky alongside its console contemporaries, the newer model Xbox 360 and lightweight Wii.

There’s also a small change to the disc-loading system, which has changed from the slot-loader of previous models to a new sliding-door top-loading system.

Decent-sized hard drives are all important these days, with a fully-stocked Playstation Store and many on-disc games benefiting from being installed onto the system.

Two variations of the new Playstation 3 model will be available for purchase in North America: a 500GB, retailing at $299, and a 250GB for $249.  Consoles with the larger hard drive go on sale from October 30, while those packing less storage space are available now.

Even though the 250GB Playstation 3 comes with a copy of the GOTY Edition of Uncharted 3 and its big brother will ship with the new Assassins’ Creed, the consoles’ high price points are confusing many industry analysts.

Certainly, with the $299 Wii U on the horizon and the Christmas season approaching fast, you might be forgiven for thinking that Sony have missed a trick by not pricing their new Playstation consoles a little more competitively.

Perhaps the Japanese company haven’t completely misread the market however as in the UK, where the 500GB version was released on 28 September bundled with soccer sim FIFA 13, PS3 sales increased 138% over the previous week.  Time will tell whether the Super Slim Playstation 3 will have a similar impact in North America.

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