007 Bond Game A Dud?

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 by angelee. Filed under: Game Review.

007-legendsEverywhere you look at the moment, the latest outing of Daniel Craig’s James Bond – Skyfall – is being promoted, be it through good old billboards and TV advertising, or the now all-too-obligatory video game tie-ins.

007 Legends is a cross-platform release, and while it does not include any content from the new movie from the get-go, free Skyfall DLC content is due to be released in early November once the movie has hit the box office.

007 Legends is, ostensibly, a game about selected highlights from 50 years of James Bond’s adventures, played out as a dream sequence during a near-death experience had by the Daniel Craig incarnation of the world’s most famous secret agent.

Craig’s Bond revisits memorable Bond moments run, gunned and smooth-talked through in cinemagoers minds by Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton, George Lazenby and Pierce Brosnan.

Except, he doesn’t.

Well, he does, but he doesn’t.

For example, I do remember Sean Connery going to Fort Knox in Goldfinger in an attempt to stop the bad guy; what I don’t remember is what 007 Legends depicts, which is Bond machine gunning his way in and out of Fort Knox in which, incidentally, the goons drive 21st Century Aston Martins.

While these are the kind of details that perhaps not everyone will notice, Bond’s selective technological recall directly affects some of the ‘legendary’ missions he has supposedly been on, which ruins the immersion ever so slightly, not to mention its credibility.

Asking the player to accept Bond’s memory of events taking place in 1970 including the use of the official Skyfall-sponsoring smartphone is like asking them to accept the existence of zombies in the Wild West or in the middle of WWII Germany.

What’s that?  Oh yeah, Undead Nightmare and Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Still, those looking to get their James Bond fix from 007 Legends might be better off picking up a cheap copy of last year’s Goldeneye 007: Reloaded which, while by no means perfect, is a much more enjoyable Bond adventure.

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