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Jewel Quest Mysteries - The Oracle of Ur
  • many stunning locations
  • Complete enchanting jewel boards, and fun mini-games
  • Play as all three heroes in this new romantic adventure
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Jewel Quest Mysteries - The Seventh Gate
  • 38 Hidden object screens in 16 unique locations
  • 5 scrolling hidden object screens used to introduce new parts of the story or connect chapters
  • 7 progressively challenging Jewel Quest boards
  • 6 mini puzzles
  • Engrossing, cinematic adventure story
  • Ability to stockpile hints
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Jewel Quest 3
  • 200 levels in unique 11 regions.
  • 30 different jewels.
  • 40 unique tournament boards found nowhere else in the game.
  • Visits to every continen
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Jewel Quest Solitaire III
  • 100 boards of Solitaire and Match 3 game play
  • Full Quest and Just Cards Mode
  • A compelling story with a mystery to solve
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Jewel Quest 2
  • 180 challenging puzzles and boards.
  • Discover 9 new jewels and power-ups.
  • A thrilling soundtrack, gorgeous dynamic African backdrops and animation.
  • Match skills against others in Tournament Mode.
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