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Luxor Mahjong
  • 200 unique Mah Jong layouts
  • 3 exotic tile sets
  • 5 magical power-ups
  • 3 modes of play: Adventure, Single, Traditional
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Mahjong Memoirs
  • Over 230 mahjong-solitaire levels with 5 beautiful tile sets, 13 exquisite Japanese-style backgrounds, and serene music.
  • Enjoy classic Mahjong with a touching love story and full voice-acting in Story Mode.
  • Earn over 50 unique trophies and level-based master badges in Endless Mode.
  • Challenge yourself with Sequence Matches and Combo Multipliers - a unique NEW way to match.
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Mahjong Mysteries of the Past
  • 60 levels spanning five historical periods
  • 3 modes (Classical, Endless and Story) with hundreds of levels in between
  • Unique tile sets that reflects the culture of the relevant historical period
  • Attractive tiles and watercolor-style backdrops
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Worlds Greatest Cities Mahjong
  • Enjoy clearing tiles the usual way in Classic
  • exchange tiles to make matches in Swap
  • Locate the like set of tiles in Pair
  • find the two corresponding tiles in Logic
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