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Love's  Power Mahjong
  • Better than a demo, it's the full game.
  • No Internet connection needed to play.
  • No CD-ROM necessary.
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Worlds Greatest Cities Mahjong
  • Enjoy clearing tiles the usual way in Classic
  • exchange tiles to make matches in Swap
  • Locate the like set of tiles in Pair
  • find the two corresponding tiles in Logic
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Worlds Greatest Temples Mahjong
  • Complete over 140 layouts by playing seven different Mahjong variations
  • Set foot in Egypt, Asia, and many more wonderful destinations
  • Earn extra bonus points by matching tiles quickly and in succession
  • Tons of Mahjong fun
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Around the World in 80 days
  • 14 locations to investigate
  • Standard and Timed game modes
  • A variety of mini-games
  • Post scores online
  • Unlimited clues
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