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Mahjongg Artifacts
  • 3 Play Modes: Quest, Classic and Endless.
  • 27 gorgeous backgrounds
  • Five beautifully drawn tile sets
  • Six songs inspired by ancient cultures
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Mahjongg Artifacts 2
  • The complete Quest mode.
  • 99 levels in Classic mode.
  • Unlimited time in Endless mode.
  • Five beautifully designed tile sets.
  • Puzzle layouts set in different countries with a matching soundtrack!
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Mahjongg Master Egyptian
  • Better than a demo, it's the full game.
  • No Internet connection needed to play.
  • No CD-ROM necessary.
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Mahjong World
  • 500+ small, medium and large tile layouts included to keep you playing for hours.
  • Collect a mystical set of bronze, silver and gold mahjong tiles as you play.
  • Enchanting music and beautiful graphics.
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Aerial Mahjong
  • Over 100 spectacular levels.
  • 15 magic artifacts to unlock.
  • 5 game types.
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