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7 Wonders II
  • A hypnotic, beautiful and challenging game with beautiful graphics and captivating music.
  • Explore, learn about and build 7 new Wonders.
  • Explosive new power-ups such as the Single Cell Bomb and Timer Freeze.
  • Use a new shuffle option to refresh the board and keep the game moving.
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Beetle Ju
  • Cartoon-like graphics
  • Dozens of in-game objects, such as bonuses, weapons and treasures
  • Lots of levels!
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Chameleon Gems
  • More than 100 levels
  • Twenty Original Items in the Shop.
  • Numerous Unique Power-ups.
  • Dynamic high score tracking
  • Stunning graphics
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Jewel Quest 3
  • 200 levels in unique 11 regions.
  • 30 different jewels.
  • 40 unique tournament boards found nowhere else in the game.
  • Visits to every continent while working on specific quests to earn jewels and artifacts, searching for the fabled Golden Jewel Board.
  • Powerful pearls that can alter the jewel boards.
  • Fast and furious match 3 gameplay.
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Luxor 3
  • Better than a demo, it's the full game.
  • No Internet connection needed to play.
  • No CD-ROM necessary.
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