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Zombie Bowl-o-Rama
  • 6 screamy lanes to battle your way through to the big Showdown.
  • 10 terrifying balls and 1 Zombie head to choose from.
  • Crafty tricks to throw those Zombies for a loop: Werewolves, MiniCorpses, Buzz Saw and Dance Fever.
  • Delectable treats to help you knock 'em dead: ZombieNator, Meatball, ZomBees and Brain Balls.
  • Zombies advance if you miss them the first time, so get your aim on.
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Evy: Magic Spheres
  • Stunning hand-drawn art
  • A magnificent fairytale world
  • A gripping plot with odd allies
  • A compelling upgrade system
  • A variety of mini-games across 61 levels
  • Unique ¿marble popper¿ duel system
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Crazy Chicken: The Winged Pharaoh
  • Better than a demo, it's the full game.
  • No Internet connection needed to play.
  • No CD-ROM necessary.
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Chameleon Gems
  • More than 100 levels
  • Twenty Original Items in the Shop.
  • Numerous Unique Power-ups.
  • Dynamic high score tracking
  • Stunning graphics
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