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Slingo Quest
  • 60 different Slingo games
  • Win 5 Slingo Stars each level
  • Track your score and rank
  • Different game modes: Multi-Card Slingo, Seven by Seven Slingo and Pirate's Fortune Slingo
  • Fun power-ups
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Slingo Quest: Amazon
  • Brand new HEX Slingo board
  • Brand new power-ups
  • Brand new game modes and mini-games
  • Brand new Slingo awards and star goals
  • Great characters and story
  • Multiple top ten lists
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Slingo Supreme
  • New Supreme mode, build your own Slingo game.
  • Over 16000 different levels can be created.
  • Unlimited daily challenges.
  • Beat the Devil in minigames.
  • New powerups.
  • Slingo Awards!
  • Multiple top ten lists.
  • Advanced help system.
  • Classic Slingo included.
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Pirate Solitaire
  • Follow a pirate's map
  • Challenging combos
  • Gripping gameplay
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Avalon Legends Solitaire
  • 200 levels
  • 13 awards to earn
  • 12 bonuses to purchase
  • Campaign and Free Play
  • Step-by-step tutorial
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