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Game Genre / Release Date
  • Penguin Puzzle

    Save the penguins and pals in this fun puzzle game.

    Played: 685 times

  • Glyph Deluxe

    Save the world of Kuros from destruction by deciphering the hieroglyphs in Glyph Deluxe.

    Played: 683 times

  • Luxor 2 HD Deluxe

    Experience the dazzling action of the hit sequel like never before in Luxor 2 HD Deluxe.

    Played: 681 times

  • Double Pack Atlantis in 80 Days Deluxe

    Enjoy two amazing games for one special price. Discover the best Zylom Double Packs today!

    Played: 679 times

  • Age of Japan 2

    Use your Match 3 skills to guide a young Japanese emperor as he attempts to save his country.

    Played: 678 times

  • Cursed House Deluxe

    Free a once-beautiful home from the powers of sinister spirits in the engaging Cursed House Deluxe.

    Played: 676 times

  • LUXOR - 5th Passage

    Celebrate 5 years of LUXOR with an all-new, marble-shooting adventure!

    Played: 673 times

  • Woodville Chronicles

    Build your own beautiful town in Woodville Chronicles, a fun and fantastic Match-3 game.

    Played: 672 times

  • Hexus Deluxe

    Rebuild the majesty of Egypt and become its ruler in Hexus Deluxe, an astounding journey.

    Played: 670 times

  • Secrets of the Seas

    Match ancient relics to unlock more puzzling levels.

    Played: 669 times

  • Double Pack Fishdom Deluxe

    Frolic with finned friends in two fun escapades for one special price with Double Pack Fishdom Deluxe.

    Played: 667 times

  • Jewel Quest 2 Deluxe

    Join a new and exciting expedition filled with adventure, romance and betrayal in Jewel Quest 2 Deluxe.

    Played: 665 times

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  • Solve immersive puzzles to earn cash and spend it to create your virtual dream aquarium!

  • In the third installment of this hugely popular Match 3 game, Rupert and Emma need your help to find a mythical Golden Jewel Board rumored to hold the antidote that will restore their daughter's sight!