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Game Genre / Release Date
  • Jewel Quest Super Pack

    Download the Jewel Quest Super Pack, and play six amazing games for just one special price!

    Played: 963 times

  • Paradise Quest

    Embark on a wild Match-3 adventure by reviving a once majestic island and uncovering secrets of a lost civilization.

    Played: 961 times

  • Aerial Mahjong

    Match blocks and solve puzzles in enigmatic aerial land of MahJong.

    Played: 959 times

  • The Rise of Atlantis Deluxe

    The Rise of Atlantis Deluxe with its fantastic gameplay will keep you entertained for weeks!

    Played: 958 times

  • Kakuro Master

    If you like Sudoku then you will love Kakuro Master.

    Played: 947 times

  • Aquascapes Deluxe

    In Aquascapes Deluxe, a charming hidden object game, you explore an underwater world with finned friends.

    Played: 937 times

  • Call of Atlantis Deluxe

    Restore Atlantis to its former glory in Call of Atlantis Deluxe, an exciting new puzzle game!

    Played: 935 times

  • Azkend 2 - The World Beneath Deluxe

    Journey through the center of the Earth on a fantastic adventure in Azkend 2 - The World Beneath Deluxe.

    Played: 905 times

  • BeachBlox

    Match 3D beach blocks to blow them up and win!

    Played: 902 times

  • Old Clockmaker\'s Riddle Deluxe

    Save a tiny hamlet from the paranormal ravages of time in Old Clockmaker\'s Riddle Deluxe.

    Played: 885 times

  • Bejeweled Twist Deluxe

    Experience the classic puzzle game in a brilliant new way with Bejeweled Twist Deluxe today!

    Played: 878 times

  • Holiday Express

    Arrange the colorful gifts to fill up the train and reveal festive photos! Enjoy falling snow, bonus rounds and jolly music in this great holiday-themed game.

    Played: 869 times

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