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Game Genre / Release Date
  • Age of Atlantis

    Jane and Billy's father has gone missing on an expedition to find the legendary list city of Atlantis and they need your help to help find him!

    Played: 773 times

  • Dynomite Deluxe

    Fire dinosaur eggs in Dynomite Deluxe. Three different puzzles with ten new volcanic levels.

    Played: 768 times

  • Runes of Avalon 2 Deluxe

    Return to the mystical realm of legends and save it in Runes of Avalon 2 Deluxe, a fantastic quest.

    Played: 767 times

  • Clayside

    Solve puzzles through the city of Clayside to build the house of your dreams.

    Played: 762 times

  • Lost Inca Prophecy 2 - The Hollow Island Deluxe

    The world is at an end and only you can save it in Lost Inca Prophecy 2 - The Hollow Island Deluxe.

    Played: 762 times

  • The Lost Kingdom Prophecy Deluxe

    Restore the alliance between mortals and Elementals in The Lost Kingdom Prophecy Deluxe.

    Played: 759 times

  • Citadel Arcanes Deluxe

    Become the greatest blossoming architect in the entire kingdom with Citadel Arcanes Deluxe.

    Played: 754 times

  • Cursed House Deluxe

    Free a once-beautiful home from the powers of sinister spirits in the engaging Cursed House Deluxe.

    Played: 753 times

  • Luxor HD Deluxe

    Experience the magic of Luxor as never before in Luxor HD Deluxe, a spectacularly enhanced version.

    Played: 751 times

  • Deep Voyage

    Complete 200 increasingly challenging underwater levels of addictive match-3 fun!

    Played: 749 times

  • Dress Up Pups

    Help Pattie deal with ten different clients, each with their own dog and their own special requests, in this hilarious and exciting Match-3 adventure.

    Played: 745 times

  • Heroes of Hellas 3

    Rebuild Athens from the ashes of its destruction and secure the help of the Heroes of Olympus as you battle an evil god in this epic Match 3 game!

    Played: 740 times

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