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Game Genre / Release Date
  • Mahjong World

    A stunning rendition of the classic tabletop game from the orient. Three modes and 100+ layouts

    Played: 15972 times

  • The Secret of Margrave Manor

    Search a spooky Manor to uncover its secrets and discover a family's forgotten past in this Hidden Object thriller.

    Played: 14220 times

  • Mortimer Beckett and the Secrets of Spooky Manor

    Search a ghostly setting to discover the secrets of Spooky Manor.

    Played: 9721 times

  • World Mosaics 5

    Solve pictographic puzzles to become a Chronologist in this fun and exciting Puzzle game.

    Played: 9510 times

  • Fishdom

    Solve immersive puzzles to earn cash and spend it to create your virtual dream aquarium!

    Played: 8982 times

  • Jewel Quest 3

    In the third installment of this hugely popular Match 3 game, Rupert and Emma need your help to find a mythical Golden Jewel Board rumored to hold the antidote that will restore their daughter's sight!

    Played: 8591 times

  • Mahjongg Master Egyptian

    Like many other mahjongg games, this time game requires that you match like pieces but adds some twists.

    Played: 8217 times

  • Text Twist 2

    Twist again with this incredible sequel to one of the most popular word games of all time.

    Played: 7312 times

  • Atlantis Quest

    Take a trip to Ancient Greece, Babylon, Carthage, Egypt and Rome in the search for one of the greatest mysteries of all time - the lost island of Atlantis.

    Played: 7077 times

  • The Rise of Atlantis

    Find a way to bring the legendary continent of Atlantis back to the surface and restore it to its might.

    Played: 7007 times

  • The Treasures of Montezuma

    Group colorful gem-clustered tokens and accumulate Power Totems in this breathtaking Match 3 game to find a secret Azetc city and an incredible treasure

    Played: 6289 times

  • Virtual Families

    Adopt and nurture little computer people, help them meet their mates, make important decisions and start families of their own in this real-time simulation game!

    Played: 6196 times

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