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Game Genre / Release Date
  • Cooking Academy 3

    Welcome back to the Cooking Academy! After winning a million dollars and starting your own restaurant, you are now writing your very own cookbook!

    Played: 1107 times

  • Farm Mania 2

    Help Anna and her family make all their dreams come true! Keep upgrading your farm, acquire new skills and soon you will have the best farm ever!

    Played: 1092 times

  • Go Go Gourmet

    Search, saute', and serve your way to gastronomic greatness!

    Played: 1060 times

  • Plan It Green

    Transform a depressed wasteland into a thriving green town, where people want to live.

    Played: 1047 times

  • Wedding Dash 2 - Rings Around the World

    Help Quinn become the worlds top wedding planner in this hilarious sequel to the hit game Wedding Dash.

    Played: 1045 times

  • Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action!

    Return to Jill Evans' hometown of Bakersfield in Cake Mania: Light, Camera Action! - The fifth chapter in one of the most popular Time Management series of all time!

    Played: 1044 times

  • Mystic Emporium

    Run an amazing shop full of mystical potions, mysterious customers and magical monsters!

    Played: 1034 times

  • The Fifth Gate

    Enter a fantasy world with fast-paced fun, magical gardens and potions!

    Played: 1020 times

  • Vacation Mogul

    Build a real estate empire in a game where the tourism business has never been easier or more fun!

    Played: 990 times

  • Farm Frenzy 2

    With colorful 3D graphics, heel-kickin music and hours of down-home gameplay, this farm-inspired puzzle game offers a bumper crop of fun.

    Played: 984 times

  • Posh Boutique 2

    Help Alicia expand her business beyond her dreams by assisting each customer in their search for the perfect outfit.

    Played: 976 times

  • Farm Frenzy 3 - American Pie

    Join Scarlett, the feisty star of Farm Frenzy 3, as shw puts robots to work on her land!

    Played: 973 times

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  • Slip into a pair of overalls and try your hand at running a farm. A game the whole family can enjoy.

  • Create tasty food items for hungry customers and rebuild a restaurant empire in this fast-paced food making game.

  • Help Flo run each DinerTown restaurant when Cookie the Chef leaves to become a cooking celebrity.