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Game Genre / Release Date
  • The Magician's Handbook 2: Blacklore

    Use the enhanted Magician's Handbook to stop the evil pirate BlackLore who has captured all the world's magicians and fairies!

    Played: 1763 times

  • Circulate

    Move spheres around each level by spinning the entire level left and right (clockwise and counterclockwise). This game is easy to pick up and play. Full tutorial game included.

    Played: 1728 times

  • Zzed

    Space junk has a new purpose in this puzzle-shooter. Man a space garbage truck - shoot, collect and match space junk.

    Played: 1731 times

  • 1001 Nights - The Adventures of Sindbad

    A different take on an old story, 1001 Nights: The Adventures of Sindbad has adventure, treasures and puzzles galore!

    Played: 1721 times

  • The Jolly Gang's Spooky Adventue

    Investigate eerie high jinks and uncover mystery that will have you in stitches!

    Played: 1713 times

  • World Mosaics 4

    Travel back in time and solve pictographic puzzles to restore lost artifacts to the Atlantis World Museum in this popular puzzle game.

    Played: 1714 times

  • Angkor

    For hundreds of years, the lands of Angkor have been suffering from an evil curse. Can you find the pieces of the Amulet of Angkor and break the old curse?

    Played: 1715 times

  • Dream Day Wedding Bella Italia

    Immerse yourself in amore as you create the Italian romance of a lifetime!

    Played: 1714 times

  • Dream Day Wedding: Viva Las Vegas

    Surrounded by a luxury Las Vegas resort, it's up to you to deliver the perfect Dream Day Wedding for an elegant couple who expects nothing but the best.

    Played: 1698 times

  • Journey of Hope

    Explore exotic locations, find hidden objects and solve clever puzzles in this breathtaking journey toward the unknown!

    Played: 1706 times

  • Elements

    Beneath a humble cottage in Venice, researchers have discovered a studio that belonged to Luca Pacioli, a friend of Leonardo Da Vinci.

    Played: 1703 times

  • Super Granny 6

    Help Super Granny collect her missing kitties while running, digging and climbing her way through this lost world adventure.

    Played: 1696 times

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