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  • Tulula - Legend of a Volcano

    Save a small tribe from an evil spell by rescuing the tribe's shaman who has been imprisoned by an evil spirit.

    Played: 2208 times

  • Avenue Flo Special Delivery

    Help Flo save the mother of all baby showers after Quinn's attempts at organizing it result in hilarious disarray!

    Played: 2154 times

  • Crop Busters

    Slip on your overalls and bring in a harvest of fun in Crop Busters, a rousing Match 3 adventure for the farmer in everyone!

    Played: 2103 times

  • Treasure Machine

    Assume the role of an adventurous treasure hunter in Treasure Machine! The primary objective is to collect all coins in a level within a set period of time.

    Played: 2075 times

  • Born Into Darkness

    Help Amber Blythe, a young woman who has been doomed to vampirism for all of eternity, embark on a hidden object quest to find an ancient relic that can cure all ills and lift her curse!

    Played: 2043 times

  • Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet

    Take on three different crime-fighting roles to solve a series of ghastly murders in San Francisco.

    Played: 2035 times

  • Arctic Quest

    Solve 60 animal and tropical puzzles. Reach and beat the Snow King in the final duel.

    Played: 2033 times

  • Flower Paradise

    Turn a patch of dirt into your own beautiful garden with the help of flowers, plants, birds, butterflies, and statues!

    Played: 1941 times

  • Heroes of Hellas 2 - Olympia

    A captivating blend of Match 3 gameplay and city-building fun!

    Played: 1911 times

  • Rabbit's Magic Adventures

    Travel to a magical world and help a brave rabbit defeat an evil wizard in this action-packed Arcade game!

    Played: 1900 times

  • Glyph

    Save a dying world by assembling ancient glyphs in this epic puzzle adventure

    Played: 1871 times

  • Behind The Reflection 2: Witch's Revenge

    A witch's quest for revenge spells trouble for a young mother.

    Played: 1842 times

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