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  • Worlds Greatest Temples Mahjong

    A beautiful journey across the globe in World's Greatest Temples Mahjong

    Played: 1707 times

  • Rainbow Mystery

    With stunning graphics, amazing animations, and 3 game modes, Rainbow Mystery is bursting with Match 3 fun!

    Played: 1706 times

  • Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air

    Help Lyra, Faye's daughter, find the unique Clockmaker and escape from a strange dimension in Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air.

    Played: 1700 times

  • Real Crimes: Unicorn Killer

    As rookie FBI Agent Jennifer Lourdes, it´s up to you and veteran detective Alan Michaels to catch the infamous Unicorn Killer!

    Played: 1701 times

  • Mahjong Legacy of Toltecs

    Plunge into the fantastic world of Mahjong: Legacy of Toltecs and become the greatest mahjong player.

    Played: 1689 times

  • Jewel Quest- The Sleepless Star

    Follow the travels and travails of intrepid explorer, Percy Pack, and discover exotic locations on two continents and overcome dangers

    Played: 1682 times

  • Jewel Charm

    A Princess's dream of a fairytale wedding is dashed when a fearsome dragon steals the crown jewels on the eve of her wedding! Scattered across the kingdom, it's your job to restore the jewels and save the day.

    Played: 1676 times

  • Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets

    Help Gaby become a top celebrity blogger by uncovering the juiciest scoops on the hottest celebrities.

    Played: 1666 times

  • Love's Power Mahjong

    Test your skills in an exciting new mahjong adventure

    Played: 1634 times

  • Emerald City Confidential

    Explore the underbelly of Oz as Emerald City´s most cunning detective.

    Played: 1635 times

  • Super Granny 5

    Help Super Granny collect her missing kitties while running, digging and climbing her way through this backyard adventure.

    Played: 1628 times

  • Deep Voyage

    Complete 200 increasingly challenging underwater levels of addictive match-3 fun!

    Played: 1632 times

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