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Game Genre / Release Date
  • Hidden World

    An evil wizard has attacked a kingdom of beauty and enchantment and it's up to you to gather the forces of good and repair the broken land one village at a time.

    Played: 1899 times

  • Vampires VS Zombies

    Control vampire forces to fight back a zombie invasion.

    Played: 1885 times

  • Jewel Quest- The Sleepless Star

    Follow the travels and travails of intrepid explorer, Percy Pack, and discover exotic locations on two continents and overcome dangers

    Played: 1884 times

  • Toy Defense

    Test your courage and skills as a military leader at the height of the first World War

    Played: 1834 times

  • Tradewinds 2

    Sail the oceans and amass a fortune trading goods while fighting pirates. Encounter fascinating new places and discover uncharted ports. Set sail for great strategy adventure fun in this game.

    Played: 1833 times

  • Roads of Rome

    Find new towns, expand Roman influence and power, impress the Caesar, and earn his daughter's hand in marriage.

    Played: 1755 times

  • Tradewinds Caravans

    Travel along the bustling and dangerous Silk Road trading exotic goods and engaging in real-time battles as you build the most powerful trading caravan in history.

    Played: 1729 times

  • Magic Farm

    Grow a variety of flowers and fruit in this enchanting new Time Management game as you take on the role of a savvy young entrepreneur with a magical green thumb.

    Played: 1696 times

  • Rolling Idols - Lost City

    The fate of the world rests on your shoulders in this colorful and exciting puzzle adventure!

    Played: 1649 times

  • Kingdom Tales

    Ensure the safety and prosperity of all people and creatures in the kingdom!

    Played: 1594 times

  • DinerTown Tycoon

    Save DinerTown™ from the evil Grub Burger.

    Played: 1590 times

  • Ships N Battles

    Play the next generation of the classic game, controlling the most destructive power of the seas

    Played: 1571 times

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